Make your own knitting design!

Dear Knitting Community,

It’s a pity. I have done so many designs and sketches of knitting and crochet patterns but they are so poorly written down. Mostly they got lost in one of my millions of notebooks that I always have with me. When I am traveling, which is a few month per year, I get the most inspired.  All my patterns are influenced by the freedom and passion of discovering the world. Therefore, a huge variety of pattern sketches and color gradients are filling my notebooks. In the beginning I wanted the calculation and writing part to be over as soon as possible so that I could start to knit. But the impatience didn’t really pay off. So with the years I learned to calm and invest more in the preparation part. Today I know the value of a well recorded pattern, and suddenly I started to enjoy the writing as much as the knitting. The obligation turned into passion. I hope, dear knitter, I can motivated you too to design and write your own patterns, as it gives you so much freedom. In whatever wool you fall in love with, in whatever part of the world you can turn the string into your personal style.

But how to start with? Isn’t it complicated and involves a lot of math? Yes, indeed there is some math included, but don’t worry. It can be as simple as you learned in primary school if you know how. My following blogs will guide you and help you to get your own designed knitting pattern. Always start simple but accurate before you dive into the complicated. I guarantee you that the first time you have the actual piece in your hand that you were dreaming off, all the effort will paid off.


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