How to start a knitting pattern design project (Part I of Knitting Pattern Design)

This is Part l of the Blog series about knitting pattern design.

why baby garments are amazing to learn new skills

1) get inspiration

2) choose what you want to design

3) draw a sketch

Wondering how to get started with a new knitting pattern design project? Maybe you have  already THIS design in mind that you always wanted to create. If not, and you just know you want to create something, no worries. There is plenty of ways how to get inspired!

Going through my stash always reminds me of the projects I wanted to do and for some reasons never did. Sometimes I did not have time, other times I just did not like what I was about to do and lost the inspiration. Or it is wool from a sale I bought just because I liked it, picturing I’m getting the inspiration later.

If you do not have clear yet, what exactly you want to design, start looking in fashion magazines, online (Pinterest, fashion Blogs…) or shops for inspiration. In this Blog I gathered some information, how to get inspired. If this does not help, put yourself in front of a paper and just write down everything you have in mind. Anything can be the source of inspiration: the weather, nature, your other passion, a mood, a picture, the yarn you bought the other day… Also consider what the design should express (comfort or glamour?), which purpose it should fulfill (keep you warm in winter, a accesoire worn over other cloth or just cover you in hot days?) and who is gonna wear it.

If you are like me and always eager to learn new techniques and design structures, i lately found out that baby garments are amazing for this purpose! As the miracle of life also hit mine (we are expecting a baby), i got inspired to design for babies. I figured out it’s amazing to learn new techniques! Small, fast and yet a full garment saves you time if you want to try to design this seamless top-down raglan sweater or other complicated designs.

Now its time to choose what you want to design! Certainly it is better to start with a easy piece like a shawl, but I recommend you to design what you are passionated for so you don’t get bored half way 😉

Take a pencil, a piece of paper and your crayons and draw a sketch with all the elements that you want to include in your design. If you already have an idea about the color or colors, play around with them now. This sketch doesn’t have to be accurate but good enough to see already figure (close-fitting or loose-fitting?), cuff, collar and so on.

Et voila! Congratulation, you made the first step of your own knitting pattern design!

In my next Blog we will speak about how to take measurements or where you find the standard measurements online.

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