The knitting muse on InspirationSunday will help you find your new knitting pattern design!

Today is my Inspiration Sunday! #inspirationsunday

You know these days, you wake up and you only want to create, but nothing else then create? Your mind is relaxed, calm and cristalclear. You see it, you feel it, you can almost touch it already, so real. Picture it, this is your vision of your new baby, your new design. Beautiful. Our mind is so amazing, we are able to imagine things so strongly, they almost become real.

The kiss of the muse is for me always the most energetic part of a project. It’s not happening only on sundays, but the state of mind on sundays is very condusive for any creative inspired work. So let’s call it #inspirationsunday, and we know that we speak about any moment, that has the qualities of an #inspirationsunday.

Like today (I am still busy with another knitting pattern design project by the way), I am drinking my morning coffee and see my beautiful baby cotton yarn from Lang yarns (180m/50g; 2.3-3mm; 100% organic cotton) lying there. Originally I bring it from Europe to Brasil because i wanted to make a new Bikini crochet design, a variation from the one I already made (unpublished). And suddenly, still a bit sleepy and dreamy before the effect of the coffee kicks in, I see this baby cardigan popping up in front of my inner eye. I see the garter stich pattern, simple and modern design, playfully changing texture and knitting direction but few color change and within the same range. Tadaaam! I run with my notebook and my pencil to my favourite spot where the tropical birds are singing and only a few palm trees are covering the view into the Jungle. My notebook, the curious lizzard and me we start to draw the first sketch, playing with shades and textures. This symbiosis evolves to a rush of measurments, calculations and colorplacement so that only a few mintues after a new project is born. Like an avalanche of unstoppable happenings I am starting already the swatch for the gauge because, like i would watch myselfe, became curious what is gonna happen next with this vision. It is like something is guiding me and letting me forget about time and space.

And what evolved of your last #inspirationsunday ?

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