No more confusion about yarn weight!

Fingering, Baby or 4ply? Light, Dk or 8ply? Medium, Worsted or 10ply? Aran? Bulky? Chunky? Excuse me, which yarn I need?

We live in an international and globalized world and we find the same brands, companies and trends all over the world.

However, some things just stay different, like the measuring system in US/UK and the rest of Europe. Personally, I don’t understand, how a system that brings so much confusion, still exist. Anyway, we have to deal with it.

Further, when it comes to naming the yarn weight, we agreed on different terms in different parts of the world. Obviously, knitters in Europe get confused by the terms of US pattern and vis versa.

We as international knitters and crocheters have to deal with it in order to share our patterns. So, better to take action then complaining over something that can’t be changed! 🙂

What is really helpful is a so-called Yarn Weight Conversion Chart.

There is plenty of them online, the best one I found is this one from the Laughing Hens.

Further useful link:

Ravelry Standart Yarn Weight 

Craft Yarn Council Standart Yarn Weight System

BTW: I think it is important when you write a pattern that you mention various terms. This means to mention inches and centimeters, US/UK and mm Needle sizes and describing the yarn weight in more then one unit. This will help the knitter and you: the better the knitter understand your pattern, the more likely he will buy another one.

Thank you for reading



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