Peruvian Ear Flap Baby Hat – Pattern Guide for i-cord, Pom Pom and Tassle

I am so excited to release my first pattern. It has involved many hours of self study, try and error and advices from Tech Editors and Test Knitters to get to the final version. But now, I am really happy with the result and hope, you gonna enjoy it as well 🙂

If you haven’t downloaded the pattern yet, you can get it here on Ravelry.


This short video shows you how to work the i-cord.

In the following pictures I explain you the i-cord with pictures:

You end up with 3 stitches.

IMG_2578 2
Knit these 3 stitches.


IMG_2579 2
Slide the stitches to the other end of the DPN. The yarn is at the side of the DPN then normally.


IMG_2581 2
Knit these 3 stitches. As the string is coming from the last stitch, you create a tube with 3 stitches.

Repeat this steps until you have the desired length (15cm, 6″ in the pattern).

Break yarn and pull through the 3 stitches to secure.

Pom Pom

You can use a Pom Pom maker, but I learned it with two pieces of cardboard in school. This technique is so simple that I never bought one.

You need a piece of cardboard, a ruler, a compass and a scissor.
Measure 2 cm with the compass and draw the outer circle on the cardboard. Measure 0.7cm, take the same centre and draw the inner circle.
Draw a connection between inner and outer circle. Cut the circles with the scissor. Make 2.
IMG_2589 2
Put the cardboard on top of each other. Cut a string and put it in the middle.
IMG_2591 2
Wrap the yarn around the 2 cardboards, while the string stays in the middle. To begin, you can make a knot to fix the yarn. Continue wrapping until there is quite a thick layer of yarn.
IMG_2593 2
Cut the yarn in between the two cardboards along the side. After cutting, fasten the string and make a knot. You can remove the cardboard now.
You can shape the pom pom after with the scissor to make it more round or smaller.



Cut 8 strings of 10cm [4”].

With tapestry needle, pull 4 strings separately through end of i-cord.


Secure with a knot. Trim tassels even.


Thank you for reading!



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  1. I just ordered the pattern for this hat. For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been researching and auditioning ear flap hats and have not yet found the one I want. This has the look and shape I’ve been looking for. Have high hopes for it. Congratulations on your first pattern.

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